January 1, 2011

About @tuxedocat

I am interested in both theoretical and practical sides of Natural Language Processing. Currently I’m focusing on production side of NLP, in short, software engineering for NLP.

Skills and proficiency

  • Natural languages
    • Japanese (native)
    • English (not bad: TOEIC 935/990, IELTS Academic overall 7.0/9.0)
    • German (beginner)
  • Programming languages
    • Python 3.x
    • sh
    • Scala
    • Rust (beginner; used in previous project)
    • Go (beginner; used in previous project)
    • Haskell (learning)
  • Frameworks and tools
    • PyData stack (Numpy/Scipy/Pandas/Scikit-learn/Jupyter)
    • Apache Beam (via Scio)
    • Some machine learning toolkits (TF1.x, PyTorch, …)
    • GCP (data-engineering products, such as BigQuery, GCS, AI-Platform, CloudRun, …)
    • AWS (as an ECS user)
    • *nix


  • (Please contact me.)


  • M.E. in Information Science (Natural Language Processing), Nara Institute of Science and Technology
    • Computational Linguistics Lab.
    • Research subjects: Japanese SRL and educational NLP for ESL learners.
    • Teaching assistant: NAIST Spring Seminar, Mar. 2012.
    • Funding: NAIST Creative and International Competitiveness Project 2012.

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