Disk partition manipulation on OSX 10.11

October 30, 2016

🐡 💢 tl;dr > For clean installation of OSX, there might be some problems for erasing BootCamp partition and getting it merged with main partition using El Capitan’s DiskUtility.app. In my case, erasing Recovery partition is needed. Just a private log of my struggle… ... Read more 

GPU Failure (possibly...) on my MBP15' (early 2011 model)

July 12, 2014

Symptoms Various glitch happen when connecting external displays, or doing GPU intensive tasks. More details. made by people who are having the same trouble On Apple’s discussion board, it is still actively updated. Workaround Disable external GPU… or bring this mbp to ‘genius’ bar, and get the logic board replaced. The latter is obviously expensive solution, and according to the discussion above, it doesn’t resolve the problem permanently. ... Read more 

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